and its Activation Procedure

Roku streaming device is one of the greatest blessing in the world of entertainment. Get hold of any one of your favorite Roku streaming device and activate the account with the help of Roku activation code. The Roku player is a one-stop destination for all the TV lovers, streaming multiple channels from various genres and categories. However, for streaming the Roku channels, it is important and mandatory to generate a Roku account and then link it to your Roku streaming device with the help of Roku activation code.

Roku Account

The Roku streaming device has unlimited channels to stream and enjoy. However, for activating those channels, it is mandatory to generate an authentic account. Linking your Roku streaming player with the Roku account via Roku activation code will help you add the Roku channels from the Roku channel hub. Additionally, it will help you to manage your Roku streaming players as well as govern the setting of your Roku device and the channel purchasing history.

Generate Roku Account

Follow the procedures mentioned below for generating a Roku account with ease.

1. Start the Roku account creation by connecting your Roku device securely with the HD TV via HDMI cable.
2. Turn on your Roku streaming player along with the HD TV.
3. Select the option “Connect to network” and generate a connection between the Roku device and the wireless network.
4. However, for connecting the network you have to select your preferred wireless network from the entire network list available. Make sure to carry out the Roku activation with the help of a powerful and secure internet speed.
5. Visit the Roku official website and select for “Create Account” option to generate a Roku account.
6. Provide your name, valid email address and a strong password for the account creation.
7. Select the “Continue” option by accepting to all the terms and conditions mentioned on-screen.;


Types of Roku Streaming Devices

Check out the below list to know the different types of Roku streaming devices available in the market.

First Generation Roku

Roku DVP is the first generation of Roku streaming device. The XD version of the Roku DVP added enhanced resolution. Moreover, the XD/S version supplied dual band wireless and USB cable for controlling the videos and photos.

Second Generation Roku

The second generation Roku models comprised of Roku 2HD, Roku 2XD and Roku 2XS. The additional features of the second generation Roku players facilitate the option of streaming subtitle along with the programs. The additional feature is the “Roku Search” option.

Third Generation Roku

Roku 3 was a new addition which featured a faster Central Processing Unit. Additionally, it also possessed a Wi-Fi remote along with a headphone jack.

Fourth Generation Roku

The Roku 4 was released in the year 2015 which facilitated the 4K capability for streaming video.

Fifth Generation Roku

Roku came up with six different new streaming players. It includes Roku Express, Roku Express Plus, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere Plus, Roku Ultra and Roku Streaming Stick.

Sixth Generation Roku

The sixth generation of the Roku was introduced in the year 2017. The device included Roku Streaming Stick Plus which featured Wi-Fi antenna.

Seventh Generation Roku

The seventh generation Roku products was rolled out in the year 2018. The previous Roku streaming players were updated and added with improved features.

Signing to Roku Account

For linking your Roku streaming device to the Roku account, you have to log in to the account which you have created previously. Provide the correct log in credentials and tap the “Sign in” option. Check whether you enter the email address and password to evade any errors. However, if you fail to recall the email address, you can select the Home option with the help of Roku remote controller and ensure your email id by choosing your system from the Settings option. Acquire a new password via Roku com password resent link, if you fail to retain the password.

Procuring Roku Activation Code

To link your account with the Roku streaming device, you have to acquire the Roku code. You can easily obtain the Roku activation code on the TV screen. Once you have switched on your device and the TV, the Roku activation code will be popping on the TV screen. However, in any case the code gets expired, you can easily generate a new code with the Roku Star (*) button on your Roku remote. For any further assistance, you can always dial the Roku customer service number and take assistance from the Roku agents.

Linking the Roku Account


Start the activation procedure by logging in to your Roku account with the correct credentials. Visit the Roku activation code and enter the Roku activation code to the link. Make sure that you visit the correct official Roku website and promote the accurate Roku activation code. That’s it. The account and the Roku device have been effectively activated. Feel free to scroll through the Roku channel store and add the channel according to your preferences.

Controlling Roku using Mobile


How about managing and controlling the Roku player from your mobile device? All you have to do is launch the Roku application on your Android and IOS devices from the Google Play Store and App Store respectively and convert the app in to a handy Roku remote. With this application, you can control all the contents on the grip of your hand. However, make sure that your mobile as well as the Roku streaming player is on the same wireless network.

Types of Roku Channels

There are three categories of Roku channels that are available in the Roku channel store.

Free channels

the free channels on the Roku channel hub does not need any subscription charges and you can stream the contents for free.

Paid channels

you need to have a subscription for a cable provider or a skinny bundle package for streaming the contents of the Roku paid channels.

Private channels

the Roku private channels are those hidden channels which you have to manually search and activate with the help of a unique channel code.

Roku Error Codes

The Roku error codes are the faulty messages that pop up on your TV screen during the Roku activation or streaming the Roku channels. Each Roku error code denotes a particular type of error. Follow the below mentioned Roku errors code and the ways to troubleshoot the errors. IN any case, if you still fail to troubleshoot the errors, get help from the customer service agents.

Error Code 001

You can come across the Roku error code 001 during the Roku channel activation. Visit the Roku home screen and with the help of the fast forward tab, select the Rewind button for resolving the error.

Roku error code 003

If the Roku streaming player uses the old version of software, you can come across the error code 003. However, one of the easiest ways to resolve the fault is by updating the Roku device to the latest software version.

Error Code 009

The error code 009 pops up on the TV screen when the Roku player is not receiving the network connection although it is connected to the router. To overcome the issue, restart your router as well as the Roku player.

Roku error code 011

When the software update fails and the Roku player is not capable to link to the Roku Software Update Server, you will come across the Roku error code 011. To resolve the problem, unplug the Roku device and wait for few seconds. Reconnect your Roku player again and if the issue still persists, reset the Roku streaming player and execute the Roku set up freshly.

Error Code 012 and 016

The Roku error codes 012 and 016 arise due to the poor internet connection. Check whether the router is working fine and the Roku player is securely connected to the Ethernet cable.

Roku error code 014

The Roku error code 014 is a common error code faced by maximum users. The fault arises when the Roku streaming device faces difficulty to connect to the Wi-Fi network. To troubleshoot this error code, you have to immobilize the network pings with the help of the Roku remote controller. Also, check the Wi-Fi connection and whether you are using the accurate Wi-Fi password. Additionally, adjust the Roku streaming device to a different position for receiving better signal strength.

Troubleshoot Roku Activation Issues

While activating the Roku streaming device with the help of Roku activation code, it is obvious to come across various faults and errors. Follow the below steps to resolve the issues and carry out the activation smoothly.

1. If you come across any errors while providing the Roku activation code to the link, do not panic. Give a try for the second time and input the code. If the issue still persists, acquire a new link code with the help of Roku remote.

2. When the Roku player gets stuck after entering the Roku activation code, patiently wait for few minutes because in some cases it may take a while.

3. If the issue does not resolve, ensure that you have completed the entire activation steps correctly. Additionally, the speed of internet connection also plays a vital role to avoid activation issue.

4. You must also check whether the HD TV and the Roku streaming device is securely and safely connected to each other with the help of HDMI cable.

Creating PIN for Roku Account

The payment technique on your account permits users for renting and buying movies or subscribing to channels. However, to avoid unofficial customers from buying Roku channels, you can generate a PIN for the Roku account. Start logging in to the account and then select the Update key available under the PIN preference. Choose your preferences for the three options mentioned on the screen and generate a PIN. Accept to all the terms and conditions by saving all the changes.

Roku Enhanced Remote for Controlling the TV

You can easily control and manage the Roku device and all the contents of your TV with the help of Roku enhanced remotes. Additionally, you can also connect the power and audio for specific brands and models of television.

Connect Roku to a New Wi-Fi

Follow the below steps to connect the Roku to a new Wi-Fi

1. Take the Roku remote handy and press the Home button.

2. Select the Settings and then select the Network.

3. Thereafter, tap the Wireless option by pressing the right arrow button.

4. Within no time, the device will start scanning the entire wireless network available.

5. Choose your preferred Wi-Fi network from the list and click for OK button.

6. Provide the wireless network password and submit it.

7. Lastly, a confirmation message will pop up showing that your Roku has securely made a connection to the Wi-Fi.


Roku Casting and Screen Mirroring

Casting and screen mirroring differs when in use with the Roku streaming player.

  • Roku casting will permit you to stream contents that are available from specific mobile application whereas you can stream the content from any application that is on your mobile using the Screen mirroring.
  • Screen mirroring controls all the actions with the mobile device whereas Casting gives users the option to choose the mobile device or the Roku remote for controlling.

Yes, you can use Roku in any place. All you need is a working Roku streaming device, an active internet connection and a HD TV. However, according to specific destinations, the internet speed may fluctuate.

The Roku streaming stick will work for any television models which possess an HDMI connection. Moreover, it should be connected directly to the HDMI port of the TV.

The Roku channel store has multiple channels for streaming live TV. However, to experience the live TV on Roku, you must have an antenna, satellite or a cable connection.

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