- Activate all the Roku devices in one place.

How to activate your Roku account in

  1. Open up your web browser in your laptop or computer.
  2. Enter the in URL.
  3. Once you see the web page, enter the Roku Activation code in it.
  4. If you already have an existing account use that account to activate your Roku
  5. Also,If you don’t have Roku account, you can create one.
  6. For new users in order to create a new Roku com link account;
    • Click on “create new account”
    • Enter your first and last name
    • After entering your email address, create a password and verify it
How to activate roku in
  1. Create a PIN for purchasing and transaction for activation.
  2. You will be required to choose payment method.
  3. Provide your credit card details.
  4. Channels can be purchased from the Roku channel store.
  5. You will only be charged during channel purchasing.
  6. Now add some channels of your preference which are provided by the player.
  7. If you want paid channels, then choose your channel and purchase it using your credit card.
  1. Besides, the streaming player provides more that 1000 free channels during Roku setup.
  2. After adding the channels you can enjoy watching them through the streaming player.
  3. Now,the player will be refreshed and will output a message showing new channels.
  4. Your player is now ready to use.
  5. If you are facing problems feel free to reach for more information.

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How To Setup (Using Roku activation code)?

Connect Your Roku Video Streaming Device (Good for Roku Premiere/Stick/Express)

Roku Setup

This description of how to set up a Roku Video Streamer, will work for every current/recent model, and every future one they are likely to introduce in the near future.

(Some older or obsolete models did not use HDMI as the primary style of video connection to convey the video signal to the TV, but the description which follows should be exactly what is needed for 98% of recent model installations. For the older ones; it is simply a matter of seeing which style of video connection is on both your TV and your Roku Streamer.)

For Roku setup the streaming player needs 3 things – 2 inputs and 1 output:

  • Source of Internet (Network) – either wired or wireless
  • Source of Electrical Power
  • Output of Video

1) Internet – Wired connection is to be preferred for Roku activation; it is usually faster and is not subject to picking up interference from your neighbor’s wireless system. Some Roku devices have a Wired Internet input; some do not.

Roku Stick and Roku Express generally use wireless, so skip the next part about Ethernet cable.

Roku streaming device
To use wired Internet, you must have a Roku streaming device or TV that has this input:
Roku TV
And an Ethernet cable with active Internet service to plug into it:
Roku Setup

If you have these, and you want to use the wired connection, plug the cable into the socket.

If you do not, you will use wireless connection (“Wi-Fi”). Several steps from now, the device will show you a list of the wireless networks that it is able to receive a signal from, and you will choose the network you desire to use from the list, and enter the password for the network (if the network has a password; it should, otherwise anyone nearby can use your internet without permission).

2) Electrical Power – there are two styles of Power for Roku streaming devices. If you have a Roku TV to activate Roku plug in the main power to the TV and the Roku streaming system inside the TV will automatically receive power also, and you can skip to step 3. For streaming devices:

a) Wall Transformer that does not use USB – if your transformer has a non-detachable cord and looks somewhat like the following:

Plug transformer into wall electricity socket.
Plug Transformer
Then plug round tip of cord
Transformer Tip
Into round input socket on device.
Dc input Round Jack

b) USB – this is for the Stick and Express – the transformer and cord are in two pieces. You can use either the transformer, or plug the cord into a USB socket on the TV, if there is one.

Transformer, also known as USB power adapter:
Transformer Power Adapter
Roku Express
USB cable, Roku Express and Stick, transformer or TV end:
Usb Male
Roku Stick
USB cable, Roku Express end:
Usb Micro Male Right Angle
Roku Streaming Stick
The Roku Streaming Stick may have a transformer or TV end that looks like the one for the Express, but the
Stick Power
other end may have a right angle like the other end of the Express cable, but with a round plug instead of the pictured trapezoidal plug.

So, plug the device end into your Stick or Express, and plug the other end into the wall power adapter for your Express, or for your Stick, use either the wall power adapter or any available USB port on the TV. If you plug into the USB port on the TV and there is a red light on your device, that means that the USB port on the TV is not delivering enough electrical current to the device for it to operate properly, and therefore you must use the wall power adapter instead.

3) Video output

HDMI connectors look like this – The male:
HDMI Male Cable
The female:
HDMI Female Cable

HDMI cables carry both High-Definition video, and multi-channel audio simultaneously.

With this in mind.

a) Roku TV – All connections are internal and done already.

b) Roku Streaming Stick – The male is built right into the stick, plug it into any available HDMI port on the television.

c) Roku Express – Connect HDMI cable male connectors on both ends, one to the HDMI on the Roku, the other to any available HDMI port on the TV.

4) Video Selection – Use the TV’s remote control and/or the buttons on the TV, to ensure that the port you have plugged the Roku device into (or, the Roku part of a Roku TV), is the port that the TV will use to put the video onto the screen.

5) Insert the batteries into your remote.(There is a symbol inside the battery compartment in the remote that indicates the correct polarity).

6) The Roku logo will appear on your screen. If you do not get it then please check.

a) Is your player plugged into an electricity socket correctly?

b) Double check that your TV is programmed for the same input of the HDMI cable and ensure that the cable is connected firmly on both ends of the player and TV.

7) Pair your remote

a) To pair your remote open the battery door

b) Find the button at the end and press for 3 seconds while aiming at the player, for Express and TV. For the Stick, because the stick will most often be behind the TV, such that the beam of invisible infra-red light which is used by the regular remote to communicate commands to the device, would not reach the Stick – so the Stick uses a radio signal that does not require the remote to be aimed at the Stick.

8) After selecting your language, the player will show the names of all wireless networks that it is able to communicate with.

Choose your wireless network and enter the password.

a) Success will be indicated by a green symbol;

b) Failure with a red X. In most cases the password was entered incorrectly. (Note: The Password is case sensitive)

9) Player will attempt to automatically download software updates (this will take several minutes and then it will be installed automatically)

After that, the player will restart.

Then, the player will show on the TV screen, the Roku activation code which will be used to link your player to your account.

For help contact or reach out to Roku customer help.


Roku Ultra:

Measure 124.5 x 124.5 x 21.6 mm size larger than the Express and Express+.
It is the best of the Roku Products. It provides everything that Roku ultra provides USB and Micro-SD slots for viewing your Personal Photos and your videos along with .MP4 playback.

It also provides Dolby digital audio effect using HDMI or optical output.
The device also provides night listening mode.
It remote supports private listening using headphone. The remote comes with the ability to connect the head phone.
It comes with lost remote locator. This feature allows you to press a button in the box and this helps you locate the remote with an alert from the remote.
It remote provides gaming buttons and voice search option this option is available in other devices only through the apps.
It uses the RF technology instead of the IR blast. This means that the remote can be used even if the box is not in site.

Roku Premiere+:

Measure 124.5 x 124.5 x 21.6 mm size larger than the Express and Express+
Roku Premier+ is the one of the Roku top of the line models. It supports both Ethernet cable and dual band WiFi connectivity.
The device also provides Micro-SD card slots for viewing video and photos in your television.

It is faster than Roku 1 which is the older model.
Night listening mode available for this model.
It is provides private listening option(The remote has the audio output jack. Headphones can be used in it for private listening)
Roku Premiere+ Remote uses RF technology (The Box can be out of site and the remote can still be used).

Roku Express+:

Measure 35.6 x 83.8 x 17.8mm with a sleek box look
Roku Express+ is faster than Roku 1 which is the older model. It is also backward compatible it works with older television and also with the HDTV.
The device uses HDMI and supports Dolby Pass for audio.
It Remote uses basic IR blaster (The Box has to be in your line of sight).
Mobile apps from android and iOS can be used for controlling the box.

Roku Television:

TV has in-built tuner.
Excellent for wall mount.
Excellent 4K streaming.
No cables to connect.

How to use Roku device after setting it up in roku com link ?

In order to use this device you will need either a computer or a TV. Apart from a computer, you will need a high speed internet connection which will result in an exemplary video and also audio quality. All the guidelines are already provided in the Roku media player manual.

What does Roku provide as a streaming device?

  • It supports full 1080p HD videos and movies.
  • It provides a wide array of channels and TV shows
  • Remote control which includes settings and options
  • Streams through your wired or wireless network
  • Features a user friendly mobile app.
  • Headphones for private listening
  • Night listening mode (reduces loud noise and increases soft sounds)
  • Many different models such as- Roku (1-4), Roku Ultra, Roku premiere, Roku premiere+, Roku express, Roku express+

When using this device it is imperative to have high speed internet or your content quality may suffer.

Roku is an electronic streaming device which enables you to stream your favorite movies, TV channels and shows to your TV via the internet. Even though most people know how to setup and activate their device, others face a bit of difficulty with the entire process.The problem that most users stumble upon relates to the during Roku Setup. Moreover, in this site we are providing you with detailed information pertaining to your device on how to activate the device in website and will make your experience with Roku the best that it can be.
Before we get into the details on how to setup and activate roku streaming player you need to have a thorough understanding of this device. Given above is the information relating to the this device and also its setup. Roku offers a wide array of channels including both paid and free channels.It provides users with a HD video quality and uninterrupted streaming.
The great thing about this device is that it is just a fraction of the cost when compared to going out and watching movies in theaters. You can sit back, relax and enjoy high quality entertainment from the comfort of your couch by activating this device at link. Additionally, for more info on this product check


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