Roku streaming device – A streamer’s companion

Roku streaming players are the best companions for cord-cutters as the device offers an incredible picture quality and unlimited video contents. Simply Roku player is the perfect place to stream HD, 4K or HDR contents from top channels like Starz, Showtime, HBO Go and more.Countless channels in the Roku store provides diverse genres like movies, television shows, news and sports. Additionally, you can tons and tons of free channels using Roku com link which allow you to watch the chartbuster movies without burning holes in your pocket.

Roku com link
Creating a Roku com link account

One of the essential necessities to setup your Roku streaming player is  a Roku account

  • Just navigate to and enter the important details to create the account.
  • Just furnish the name, email, and password.
  • You need to be above eighteen years to fabricate the account.
  • Abide by the Privacy Policy, Terms and conditions.
  • You have successfully created a new Roku com link account.

Setting up Roku using Roku activation code

Start the Roku setup by following the instructions given below

  • Make use of the HDMI cable to connect your Roku streaming device and the television.
  • Also, connect the power adapter to the Electrical outlet.
  • Power up your Roku player and check whether you can find the Roku logo onscreen.
  • Pair your Roku remote and move forward with the Network setup.
  • Connect the Roku player on a wireless or Ethernet connection.

Finding Roku Link Code on the Screen

  • You will find the Roku Link code right after you finish up the Roku remote pairing and wireless setup.
  • Without waiting any further, you should navigate to the Roku com link webpage and login with your Roku account.
  • Now enter the Roku link code that you got from the television to link the device to your account.

Error while Entering the Activation code on Roku com link

Roku device activation will be successful if the above steps are followed in a proper manner. However, you may acquire an issue during the device activation even after finishing up the above steps. The error occurs when the Roku activation code expires as it will be valid for a few minutes only

In such cases, go back to the television and press the Star (*) button on your Roku remote

Annoying Roku Error Codes

Errors will annoy us to the core especially when it occurs while streaming our favorite movie or live sports matches. Here are the common Roku error codes that arise in the streaming player

 Error code 009 

  • This error occurs when the Roku streaming player receives a poor internet signal from the router

 Error code 012 

  • Slow internet connectivity which will cause video buffering issues

 Error code 017 

  •  You need to understand that the wireless signal strength is poor if you hit upon this error

 Error code 018 

  •  The speed of the internet is slow and you need to contact your internet service provider

Other Critical Issues on Roku

Purple Screen Roku – This error occurs when you try to stream 4K or 4K HDR contents without HDCP 2.2 on your streaming player.

Stream AVI Roku – Some Roku models will not support AVI file format which will lead to issues.