Activate Roku Without A Credit Card Or PayPal Account

Do you want to know how to Activate Roku Without Credit Card Information? Well, you have come to the right place. Below you will learn everything you need know.

Anytime you have to link your existing Roku account to your Roku TV, you end up going to a URL like Roku com link and put the code from the TV into the dialog box and boom it’s activated!

Activate roku without credit card

Know how to stream channels without paying for it :

But what if you are trying to make a new account for Roku? What if you want to Activate Roku without Credit card? Unlike Roku link which is a one step process, a new account will ask information to your account like either a credit card account or a PayPal account and that makes things tricky if you are just trying to watch free channels or use it for a trial period.

So what do you do? When creating a brand new account from your computer there will be some check marks in the Roku account set up; that may become a deal breaker especially if you don’t want to pay for service in advance.

  • Contacting Roku customer service is one of the options to bypassing this problem.
  • After filling out all the required personal information “Name, email, etc.”
  • That is the point in which you may contact Roku customer support at +1-844-965-4357  or Roku activation code.
  • The customer support Representative will then give you another URL which will give you the option to skip this step allowing you to Activate Roku Without Credit Card information.
  • Now you are ready to Use your new account for a free trial period or gain access to all the free services.

Tips for Activate Roku

Maybe that seems too hard? maybe you don’t have a phone? Is there another option? Yes, there is!

  • You can actually do this entire process on your own without contacting anyone. How do I do this? You may be asking. Well its really simple.
  • When you are registering on your computer one you reach the credit card number dialog box there is an icon that says skip in the right-hand corner of the screen which will allow you to skip this process. Why didn’t you see this before? Because it is made to not be obvious.
    Using Roku for prime video or just watching Netflix is justified to not give out your credit card or PayPal information.
  • Not giving this information will serve as a safeguard against immediate payment to your account.
    So there you have it now you can Activate Roku Without Credit Card or PayPal information.
  • Without the fear of an unexpected expense to your account. That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now go and enjoy your Roku you deserve it!