Login Issues: Users who have a Roku account sometimes face difficulty logging into their accounts due to incorrect information, wrong website link or some other technical error. In that case contact www.roku.com/link for assistance.

Roku Link Code Issues: Roku link code is displayed on your TV screen when you attach the Roku device. Sometimes the Roku link code doesn’t appear, you might need a new code, or during activation process the server is giving an error message indicating that the code is incorrect. If you encounter this error reach out to roku.com/link for support.

Playback Issues: Playback issues are very common with Roku devices. A playback issue is when the Roku device struggles to playback the video and freezes; if this happens then contact www.roku.com/link for assistance.

Update/Upgrade Roku: Roku devices need to be updated and upgraded regularly for proper functioning. During the setup process, when the Roku gets connected to the TV, it starts to update the firmware. This is important for the Roku activation process. Contact Roku.com/link support if you encounter any problems during this update process.