Roku 2 Features and Device setup.

Launched in 2015, the Roku 2 is a multi-faceted 1080p streaming device that requires only an internet connection to function. The device is compact and can fit into any space. You can immediately start using the device by plugging in the power and the HDMI cord and following the instructions on the Roku 2 Setup screen. Behind the Roku 2 device are the power slot, the Ethernet port, the HDMI port, Audio/Video Out and a Reset button. It also has a USB port on the side along with a micro SD slot. Both the slots are utilized for local storage purposes. The Roku 2 employs a very small amount of power and has no need to be put on and off in between usage.

Roku 2 streaming playerFeatures :

The Roku 2 comes with a high quality, convenient remote and a set of batteries. On the top of the remote are the Back and Home buttons, a directional pad, a return button which helps the stream gets back to about 10 seconds, an asterisk or star button for the menu, and rewind, pause and fast forward buttons. On the bottom of the remote are the 4 per-programmed channels, which you can jump to directly. The remote allows you to instantly go to the last movie or stream that you were watching. Choosing your favorite channels to display on the device remains the basic function of the remote. The exhibited selection screen has exactly the same layout as the remote control.

A Search function is offered with the device that forages across multiple platforms alphabetically, along with which, it displays the selection’s availability. A voice search feature is also available to be operated on the android, iPhone or a tablet. By choice, the remote can be upgraded to a voice search too.

With superior picture quality streaming on the Roku 2, the device also offers screen mirroring and casting options. You can transmit games straight to the TV, rendering extremely smooth and fluid presentation. The interface is simple, user-friendly and uncomplicated than Roku 1. It actually has over 1400 apps which offer a range of services including the very helpful mobile app. The Roku 2’s mobile Phone app is a wonderful and easy-to-use application that comes with an inbuilt keyboard.

Setup Process:

To setup Roku 2 streaming player, you just have to plug one end of the HDMI to the TV, the other end to the Roku 2 device and then plug in the power cable. On the Roku 2‘s settings menu appears the Quick Access to the wireless that is used to ingress the wireless access network. Configuring the wireless network is fairly easy and is generally auto-discovered by the device.

The box comes with a comprehensive set of instructions to be reviewed and followed. Overall, the Roku 2 is a very powerful and enjoyable system that is quick and effortless to use. For more information call us at 1-844-965-4357 or visit