Roku Account Setup – what you have to deal with

When we talk about Roku, then we definitely must discuss about the Roku account setup which is a part and parcel of the service. You need an account to perform several functions which includes and not restricted to linking device for activation, adding or removing channels and also for managing new and old subscriptions to services. If you need to perform any one of the above-mentioned activities, then you can skim through the setup and roku activation guidelines here in.


Roku Account Setup


Do you have a credit card

Roku has an option where you can link your credit card with your account for the device. There is no way that you will be charged without your consent unless you have your account setup that way. And then, we have a trick that will help you complete the account setup process, even when you don’t have a credit card. For which, you can either visit our www Roku com link , or speak to an expert who will help you setup an account without the credit card.

An email ID is must

Although, you can create an account without a credit card, you definitely cannot create one without an email ID. This is because the first online form validates the user using their email ID. There is no possible way to skip this step and it is a mandatory field for which you provide accurate information. If you are new to the world of technology and do not possess an email address, then we’ll help you out complete Roku account setup.

PIN and its uses

This is a means of personal identification that allows the user to authorize any decision made with respect to the device. For instance, decisions like channel additions or removal are basically depending on this PIN. Hence, we always recommend our users to set a PIN and also remember it while using a Roku.

The actual Roku account setup

Now, that we have a fair idea of all the necessary details, we must move on to the actual setup guidelines.


  • A hand-held device such as mobile phone or tablet or a PC.
  • Valid email ID.
  • Internet connection.


  • Using your hand-held device or PC it is necessary to visit the signup page on a trustworthy browser.
  • You can use Chrome or Safari for this process and access the website directly.
  • Now, three cascading online forms open when you wish to register for an Roku account.
  • On each of these forms, you will be asked varying information that ranges between your name and your payment info.
  • Provide any information that is mandatory and you have the liberty to skip ones that are not.
  • After this process, you get a personalized account after submitting all three online forms successfully.

Doubts may arise in this Roku account setup guidelines or in their requirements. And in order to get them clarified, reach out to our Roku support team help to activate Roku account  contact us via Toll-free number  +1-844-965-4357  who are ready to handle such queries.