Setup your Roku using Roku com link account

Roku is one such streaming device that we all would love to purchase for unlimited entertainment. Some of the best channels are available exclusively for Roku users. Features and specification of this device are far better than other streaming players available in the market. If you have bought the streaming player, here is the set of instructions for you to setup your Roku com link account and stream your favorites.

Unboxing the Roku streaming player

The Roku package will have everything that is required for the device setup. You will find the user manual, power adapter, Roku remote, batteries for the remote and the Roku streaming player. Keeping everything aside, you can just start the device setup.

Initial setup | Roku com link account

Use a brand new HDMI cable to connect the television and Roku streaming player. The power adapter should also be connected between the Roku device and an electrical outlet. Also, check the connectivity by turning on your devices. If the connection is proper, you will find the television displaying the Roku logo. Or else, you can just try to connect the devices again.

Roku com link account

Remote pairing and internet connection

Once the Roku logo appears on the screen, acknowledge it by pressing any button on your remote and pair your remote to the device. Immediately after that, you have to start connecting your device on a wireless or wired network.

Opt for the wireless connection as it is more reliable than the Ethernet connection. Choose the wireless network from the network list and enter the credentials to connect with the internet. After connecting, move on with the display settings.

Roku device activation

Once you are done with the above setup, you will find the code in the television display which is nothing but the Roku com link activation code.

Make a note of it and visit the Roku com link account site to enter the code. Before typing, you need to sign in with the Roku account. Mark the code in the box and click submit. Your device will be linked with the account and you are all set to stream your favorite channels.

Don’t have a Roku account?

That’s not a problem at all. Here are the precise directives to create a new account. Visit the Roku com link sign up page and enter the important details like name, email, password and abide by terms and conditions. Also, confirm that you are above eighteen years of age marking the checkboxes.

Having issues in device activation

Performing some steps would definitely help you to get rid of the hindrances that come in your way while activating the channel. Use the below-given steps to set things right.

  • Try rebooting your television and Roku streaming player which will help you gain lost the connections. In this way, you can resolve the network and power issues.
  • If the Roku activation code is not valid, then take your Roku remote and press the Star button to obtain a new code.

If you require more help in setting up the Roku device, just call our technical support team +1-844-965-4357 and get instant assistance.