Roku 1 Digital Media Streaming Player

The Roku 1 is a streaming 2710R media player committed to bringing about 2000+ entertainment channels to your doorstep. It allows you to choose from a wide variety of streaming entertainment that includes movies, TV shows, music, sports, news, international programming, kid’s programming much more.

Roku 1 Streaming PlayerThe Roku 1 is one of the best basic players that provide the user with an amazing return on investment. You can enjoy stunning videos up to 1080 HD. In case your TV does not have the necessary HDMI technology, the Roku 1 comes with composite cable connectivity to ensure uninterrupted setup and viewing.

As a feature of convenience, the Roku 1 allows you to select the channels by title, actor or director. You even receive automatic updates when you stream and even follow the new movies that you might want to watch. Certified frustration-free, the Roku 1 is attached to the TV to enable movie downloads and more through the wireless internet connection. It is a wonderfully designed, compact media streamer, with a built-in wireless and priced affordably.


Tips and Tricks for Access Your Roku Secret Menu

The Roku 1 has a remote that comes with channel shortcut buttons. There are 4 shortcut buttons at the bottom that provide instant access to Amazon Instant Video, Vudu and Netflix. The Roku remote is simple and easy to use even in the dark. The fabric tag hangs off the bottom, making it easy to orient in the dark. It is considered as a better option than a computer or a tablet device. It also has YouTube. So if you have a Smartphone, the devices can be connected together to send videos that can be watched through the Roku 1 media player. With the channel shortcut buttons on the remote, you can jump straight to your favorite requirement in a single push of the remote. The Roku 1 is a one-stop search that allows you to find your most preferred programs in a flash.

At such high-level video quality delivery, users can also enjoy vibrant video streaming of fitness programs, food, international and educational programming. With over 1000 channels to suit a variety of tastes, you can enjoy endless entertainment with the Roku 1 streaming media player. At output resolutions of 1080p, 1080i and 720p you can even stream music, share photos along with social networking. It has been designed keeping in mind that each user has different entertainment needs, thereby giving the customer a chance to choose from a wide range of media sources supported by it.

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