Setting up and Activating the Roku – www Roku com link

The Roku is a resourceful streaming player that invariably finds itself in the news for all the good things. Get entertainment like you never have before with this player that offers a whopping 500,000+ movies and TV shows for viewers to choose from. With a tempting choice of on-demand content, update the Roku with all the right apps to even stream live TV without the requirement of a cable subscription. Accomplish the hardware set up first along with the www roku com link process to make the most of this multi-faceted device.

Roku has many product models under its player, box and TV categories. While these might vary due to their unique attributes and upgrades, the activation process remains virtually the same with all of them. With the only difference appearing in the form of displays, the rest of the commands are, more or less, homologous.

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Hardware setting up

  • Unpack the Roku device to reveal its contents, which will contain the device itself, the power cord, adapter, USB cable, in some cases the HDMI, the remote and a pair of batteries that go into it.
  • You will also receive a QUICK START GUIDE for immediate reference to setup the device.
  • For all Roku players, before you connect the hardware, do not forget to identify the HDMI port on your TV.
  • Later, a step will require you to toggle to this option.

Note: For TVs that do not have an HDMI port, you can use the RCA connector. But also ensure that you acquire acompatible Roku device such as the Express + to complement it.

  • Now, if you are using a Roku Streaming Stick, you can insert it into your TV directly.
  • If it is a box, just connect it with the HDMI cable.
  • After you have attained physical connection with the TV, establish router connectivity if you are using the LAN.

Wireless connection and power

  • You must also know that some Streaming Sticks do not require Ethernet connectivity and will use only the Wireless.
  • For others, you may also be able to connect to the router with the help of the Ethernet cable.
  • Thereafter, simply power up the device with the help of the power cord and adapter.
  • Here too, some of the Roku devices are equipped to draw power from the TV itself while others require physical power connectivity.
  • Try not to use a power strip for electrical flow; this might disrupt functionality of the device and setup might not be fulfilled as expected.

www Roku com link process

  • Now, power up the device to first choose your HDMI (this is from the previous step where you have to note the input HDMI port name or number)
  • After this, the Roku logo should appear on the screen.
  • From here, it is time to follow the wizard that gives you a set of instructions to work with.
  • Link the remote and the Roku player by pressing the flashing button underneath the battery compartment.
  • Once that is done, get on to the internet by choosing the wireless name and enter the password.
  • Ensure that you choose and enter the right credentials – this way you won’t get any error messages.
  • Thereafter, a roku com link code will appear that has to be entered on Roku activate link.

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